5 years with FT Island

I really am at loss for words. I’ve only been a Primadonna for a few years, but does it matter? Primadonnas, old or new, are all here today because of your music.

You started off as a young, fresh “idol band”. You were warmly welcomed but at the same time criticized for being pretty faces and “not a true band”, because you weren’t allowed to play live and didn’t write your music. Now you have not only grown as musicians and started finding your own sound, but you’ve also gained the respect of many others.

How could we not be proud of you all? The accomplishments you’ve made are amazing. Yes you’re far from perfect, but your imperfections mean nothing to us. You all strive to improve, to compose as much as possible, and to stand out against the idol-orientated music scene - no easy task, but that just makes you guys the more admirable.

Jonghun, Hongki, Jaejin, Seunghyun, Minhwan, and you too Wonbin: thank you. Thank you for the many years of wonderful music, talent, bizarre yet carefree personalities, everything. You have brought so much happiness to us, a lot more than you’d think. In return, we also wish you the best, regardless of what happens from now on. Please continue being a happy awesome band and reaching out to the world through your music.

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