Strawberry Parfait by (Qiaoling Liu)

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for fluffyish
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50 shades of dark circles under my eyes

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A face only a mother could love

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Why do men think women are angry just on their period?

I’m angry all the time. Get the fuck away from me

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i don’t “dress to impress” i dress to depress i wanna look so good that people hate themselves

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Two-Song Place  : Age & Height (feat. Kang Minhyuk) 

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This is why Ellen should be the ruler

I love Ellen

Ellen kicks ass I love her

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i have a friend whos gay and one day we asked him what was like to have “the conversation” with his parents, like telling them he was gay and he just said he never told them, and then he said “my brother who’s straight never went to my parents to told them ‘hey i’m straight’ so why should i have to do it?” and he arrived home with his boyfriend and no one made a big deal out of it and i think that’s the way it should be everywhere

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literally nothing ever sounds like a better option than sleep. there are so many books to read, projects to start, stuff to draw, chores to do, people to meet, hobbies to learn, recipes to cook, i could teach myself mandarin fuckin chinese, but i’d rather be unconscious

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making of Rock ın Japan Festival

#HappyBoiceDay #4BoiceDay

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